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View Email Categories

How to View Email Categories in Gmail

View Email Categories

Gmail can sort email you receive into one of several categories, by analyzing both the content of the emails and your emailing habits.

Inbox Categories

Inbox Categories Description
Primary Emails sent directly to you, from people that you interact with.
Social Automated messages from social networks.
Promotions Deals, offers, and other marketing emails.
Updates Automatically generated updates, confirmations, bills, and receipts.
Forums Messages from discussion boards and mailing lists.

View an Inbox Category

  1. Click a category's tab at the top of the inbox. View Email Categories

The emails in the selected category are displayed.

Enable or Disable Tabs

You can select which categories you want to appear at the top of the Inbox, so you see just the categories that are relevant to you.

  1. Click the Settings icon while viewing the inbox.
  2. Select Configure inbox. View Email Categories
  3. Toggle categories on or off by checking or unchecking checkboxes.
  4. Click Save. View Email Categories

The tabs at the top of the inbox change to show only the tabs you’ve chosen.