View and Save Attachments

When you receive emails that contain attachments, you'll see those attachments listed below the subject line of the emails in your inbox.

Save an Attachment

  1. Click an email to view it. View and Save Attachments

    An email's attachments will all be shown as thumbnails below the message contents.

  2. Click an attachment's thumbnail.? View and Save Attachments

    If the file is a type that's supported by one of the Google apps, you can open it up for editing by clicking the button at the top of the preview.

  3. Use the options to edit or save the attachment:
    • Open with to open the file.
    • Add to My Drive to save the attachment to your Google Drive.
    • Download to save a copy to your computer.
    • Print to print a copy of the attachment.
  4. Click the Back button. View and Save Attachments

You leave the attachment preview and return to your email.

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