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Snooze Email

How to Snooze Email in Gmail

Snooze Email

If you've received some email that you can't get to right now, you can get reminded of it later by snoozing it.

Snooze an Email

  1. Select an email.
  2. Click the Snooze button on the toolbar.
  3. Select how long you want to snooze the email. Snooze Email

Once you’ve snoozed an email, it will disappear from the inbox. At the specified time, it will reappear, and you’ll get a notification for it, as if it were a newly-arriving message.

View Snoozed Email

If you find the time to deal with that email after all, you can find it in the Snoozed category.

  1. Click the Snoozed category in the left pane. Snooze Email

Every snoozed message appears in the list.

Unsnooze an Email

You can unsnoozed an email that you’ve snoozed but still were able to deal with.

  1. Select an email in the Snoozed category.
  2. Click the Snooze button on the toolbar. Snooze Email

    The Snooze menu appears again, and in addition to unsnoozing, you could reschedule the email to instead reappear at another date or time, using the same options as before.

  3. Select Unsnooze. Snooze Email

The email is unsnoozed and reappears in the Inbox.