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Search for Emails

How to Search for Emails in Gmail

Search for Emails

If you have a lot of email, and you're trying to find a specific one, you can easily search through everything using the search field.

Search for an Email

  1. Click in the Search field.
  2. Start typing a search term. Search for Emails

    Some suggestions will automatically pop up as you type below the search field.

  3. Select a search result from the suggestions, or press Enter to display a full list of search results. Search for Emails

Refine a Search

If you end up with too many search results, you can narrow your search using a variety of options.

  1. Click the Show search options button in the Search field.

    The Search Options menu appears. You can refine a search by using the following fields:

    • From
    • To
    • Subject
    • Has the words will search for words within the message body
    • Doesn’t have will exclude messages with certain words in the message body
    • Size
    • Data within
    • Search lets you specify a search scope to search all of your mail, just your inbox, or other mail categories
    • Has attachment will let you search for only messages with attachments
    • Don’t include chats will exclude chat messages from the search

  2. Use the options to narrow down the search criteria.
  3. Click the Search button. Search for Emails

Only the messages that fit the search criteria will appear in search results.