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Enable Desktop Notifications

How to Enable Desktop Notifications in Gmail

Enable Desktop Notifications

If you’re using either Chrome, Firefox, or Safari as your browser, you can enable desktop notifications. While enabled, a notification will appear whenever a new email message arrives in your inbox as long as you have Gmail open in a browser tab.

Enable Desktop Notifications

  1. Click the Settings icon.
  2. Select Settings. Enable Desktop Notifications

    The Notification settings are found on the General tab.

  3. Click the Click here to enable desktop notifications for Gmail link.

    After enabling notifications, your browser will ask for permission to show them.

  4. Click Allow. Enable Desktop Notifications

    Once notifications are enabled in the browser, you can choose when you want notifications to appear.

    The first option is for New mail notifications. This will pop up a notification whenever a new email hits the Primary category of your inbox.

    You can also choose to receive Important mail notifications. These will appear when a new email comes in that Gmail assigns the important marker to, no matter which category they appear in.

  5. Select a notifications setting. Enable Desktop Notifications
  6. Click the Save Changes button. Enable Desktop Notifications

Notifications are enabled and will appear when a new email message comes in, as long as your Gmail inbox is open in a browser tab.

View a Gmail Notification

While desktop notifications are enabled, you'll receive a notification as long as Gmail is open in a tab in a supported browser, such as Chrome, Safari, Edge, or Firefox. That tab doesn't need to be the one you're currently browsing in. Notifications will appear in the style of your operating system; in Windows, they’ll appear in the bottom-right corner, and in macOS they’ll appear in the upper-right corner.

  1. Click a notification when it appears. Enable Desktop Notifications

The email that triggered the notification opens in a browser pop-up window.