Compose an Email

Composing a new email from your inbox is quick and easy.

Compose an Email

  1. Click the Compose button.

    A new email message is started in a small pop-up window.

    Click the Full-screen button at the top of the new email window to expand it and have more space to write.

  2. Enter recipients' email addresses in the To field.

    If the name or address matches a contact you've emailed before, it will appear in a search result popup.

  3. Add recipients to the CC and BCC fields (optional). Compose an Email
  4. Enter a subject in the Subject field.
  5. Enter your message in the Body field.
  6. Click Send. Compose an Email

The email is sent to everyone you addressed it to.

When addressing an email, make sure to use the To, CC, and BCC fields appropriately.

  • Use the To field for the main recipients, who are expected to reply or take action.
  • Use the CC field for anyone else who needs to be kept informed of the topic, but doesn’t need to reply.
  • Use the BCC field to send an email to anyone you don’t want the other recipients to see.

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