Use Object Styles

Object styles are pre-built combinations of a shape's formatting options that you can easily apply to multiple objects in a project to keep a consistent look and feel.

Apply an Object Style

  1. Select the objects that you want to align.
  2. Click Modify on the menu bar.
  3. Select an alignment option.
    Apply an Object Style

Save a New Object Style

If an object style is close to what you need, but you still need to change something about it, you can tweak it and save it as a new style.

  1. Select the object you want to format.
  2. Use the Properties panel to update the object's formatting.
  3. Click the Style Name menu button.
  4. Select Create New Style.
    Save a New Object Style
  5. Type a name for the new style.
  6. Click OK.
    Save a New Object Style

The new style is saved, and is available to apply to other shapes using the Object Style menu.

Set the Default Object Style

If you have an object style that you're going to use frequently enough, you can set it as the default style for new shapes in this project.

  1. Select the object with the formatting you want to set as the default.
  2. Click the Style Name menu button.
  3. Select Set as Default Style.
    Set the Default Object Style

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