Learning Interactions

A learning interaction is a pre-made customizable widget that you can insert into your project. You can use one to add a lot of text under several headings into a single slide, allowing the user to interactively reveal that text piece by piece.

You can also use certain types of learning interactions to provide an image gallery or glossary of terms.

Insert a Learning Interaction

  1. Click the Interactions button on the toolbar.
  2. Select Learning Interactions.
    Insert a Learning Interaction
  3. Select an interaction from the gallery.
  4. Click Insert.
    Insert a Learning Interaction
  5. Select a theme.
  6. Double-click a title or subtitle text field to edit it.
    Insert a Learning Interaction
  7. Click a button to expand it.
  8. Double-click a button or caption text field to edit it.
  9. (Optional) Click Add Button to add more buttons to the interaction.
  10. Click OK.
    Insert a Learning Interaction

The learning interaction is added to the slide. If you need to change anything about it, you can always get back to the properties window by double-clicking the learning interaction.

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