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Insert Question Slides

How to Insert Question Slides in Adobe Captivate

Insert Question Slides

You can use quizzes in your Captivate projects to see what the users have learned, get their feedback, or even check what they already knew coming in.

Every quiz question is inserted as a Question Slide, which you can chain together all at once or place individually throughout a project.

Insert a Question Slide

  1. Click the Slides button on the toolbar.
  2. Select Question Slide.
    Insert a Question Slide
  3. Check the checkbox(es) for the question type(s) you want to insert.
  4. Set the number of questions of each type to insert.
    Insert a Question Slide
  5. Click the Graded menu button.
  6. Select how you want the question to be graded.
    • Graded: Will be assigned a point value that can be tallied up at the end of a project.
    • Survey: Will report the results but not assign point values.
    • Pre-test: Let you test someone's knowledge at the start and see if they know enough to skip parts of the course. They'll be graded separately, and not included in the final quiz score.
  7. Click OK.
    Insert a Question Slide

Edit a Question Slide

Once a slide is added, you can edit it to fill out the question and responses. The Quiz properties panel becomes available once you add a question slide; it contains all of the settings to customize how this question works.

  1. Enter the slide's question in the Question field.
  2. Click the Quiz properties panel tab.
    Edit a Question Slide
  3. Change the number of answers using the Answers field.
  4. Adjust the other Answers options.
  5. You can Shuffle the answers, so that they'll appear in a different order every time the quiz is taken. You can also toggle Multiple Answers, turning the responses into checkboxes so that more than one can be chosen. Partial Score can be applied to questions that have more than one answer to award some points even if not every correct answer is selected.

    After those options, you can set the points value for the question, as well as a penalty for an incorrect answer.

  6. Enter the possible responses in each of the Answer fields.
    Insert a Question Slide
  7. Click the option button for the correct answer.
  8. Adjust the other options in the Captions, Buttons, Actions, and Reporting groups.
    Insert a Question Slide