Insert Knowledge Check Slides

Knowledge Check slides are slides that test the user's knowledge, similar to Question Slides. They're useful to help reinforce what the user has just learned, but they're not actually part of a quiz and won't be graded and reported at the end.

Insert a Knowledge Check Slide

  1. Click the Slides button on the toolbar.
  2. Select Knowledge Check Slide.
    Insert a Knowledge Check Slide
  3. Check the checkbox(es) for the question type(s) you want to insert.
  4. Set the number of questions of each type to insert.
  5. Click OK.
    Insert a Knowledge Check Slide

Edit a Knowledge Check Slide

The Quiz properties panel also becomes available once the slide is inserted, where you can customize the quiz features.

  1. Enter the slide's question in the Question field.
  2. Enter the possible responses in each of the Answer fields.
  3. Click the option button for the correct answer.
  4. Click the Quiz properties panel.
    Edit a Knowledge Check Slide
  5. Depending on the question type, a few different options will be available.

  6. Customize the question's properties.
    Edit a knowledge Check Slide

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