Button Actions and Options

Once you've added a button, and formatted its appearance the way that you want it, it's time to determine the action it will carry out when clicked.

Change a Button's Action

  1. Select a button.
  2. Click the Actions tab on the Properties panel.
    Change a Button's Action
  3. Click the On Success menu arrow.

    This menu lists every type of action you can have a button do, and it's quite a list. Let's look at the more common options, starting from the beginning:

    • Continue: Will simply unpause the project when the button is clicked.
    • Previous/Next/Last Slide visited: Will move you immediately to the next slide, the previous slide in the timeline, or the last slide that was visited before this one.
    • Jump to Slide: Lets you specify any slide in the project to jump to when the button is clicked.
    • Play Audio: Will start an audio file that you can select from the project's library.
    • Stop Triggered Audio: Will stop audio that's playing.
    • Show and Hide: Allow you to specify an object on the stage and make it either visible or hidden.
    • Enable and Disable: Allow you to select another button on the slide and enable or disable the ability to click that button.
    • Assign, Increment, and Decrement: All work with variables by assigning a value, adding to it, or subtracting from it.
    • Pause: Will pause the project until the user resumes it, either by clicking the Play button on the playbar, jumping to another slide, or clicking a button with the Continue action.
    • Exit: Will close the project when clicked.
    • No Action: Select it if you need a button that doesn’t do anything when clicked.
    Change a Button's Action
  4. Select an action.
  5. Customize the action's options, if necessary.
    Change a Button's Action

Change Button Options

Buttons also have some additional settings you can customize aside from actions. First, you can choose how many times a button can be clicked before being disabled. By default, you can click a button as many times as you want, and it will always do the same action.

  1. Toggle the Infinite Attempts checkbox.
    Change Button Options
  2. Click the Shortcut option button.
  3. Press the keys you want to assign as the shortcut.
    Change Button Options
  4. Toggle the Hand Cursor, Double-click, or Disable Click Sound (optional).
    Change Button Options

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