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Work with Number Formatting

How to Work with Number Formatting in Access

Work with Number Formatting

You can quickly change the formatting of values in forms and reports to display dollar signs, percent signs, or to change the number of decimal places.

  1. In Layout View, click the field you want to format.
  2. Click the Format tab.
    • Apply Currency Format: Formats the value with a dollar sign and marks the thousands place with a comma.
    • Apply Percent Format: Displays the value as a percentage with a percent symbol.
    • Apply Comma Number Format: Is similar to Currency format, but without the dollar sign.
    • Increase Decimals: Increases the number of decimal places that are displayed.
    • Decrease Decimals: Decreases the number of decimal places that are displayed.
      Work With Formatting

You can also apply number formatting by clicking the Format list arrow in the Number group and selecting a number format.