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Print and Delete Relationships

How to Print and Delete Relationships in Access

Print and Delete Relationships

Sometimes you may want to print a hard copy of the Relationships window or you may want to delete the relationship between two tables.

Print the Relationship Window

  1. Click the Database Tools tab.
  2. Click the Relationships button.
    Print the Relationship Window

    The Design contextual tab appears under Relationship Tools.

  3. Click the Relationship Report button.
    Print the Relationship Window

    A report showing the tables and relationships appears in Print Preview mode.

    If you want to modify the report before printing, click the Close Print Preview button and edit the report in Design View.

  4. Click the Print button.

    The Print dialog box appears.

  5. Select the desired print settings and click OK.

    The Relationships report is printed.

  6. Click the Close Print Preview button.
    Print the Relationship Window

    The report appears in Design View.

  7. Click the Relationships report's Close button.
    Print the Relationship Window

Delete a Table Relationship

Access is very restrictive about letting you modify a related table, and often you must temporarily delete the relationship between two tables, modify one of the tables, and then re-connect them.

Here’s how to delete a table relationship.

  1. Click the join line that connects the tables.
  2. Press the Delete key.

    Access asks you to confirm that you really want to delete the relationship.

  3. Click Yes.
    Print the Relationship Window

Access deletes the relationship between the two tables.