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Use Undo and Redo

How to Use Undo and Redo in Access

Use Undo and Redo

Undo reverses any previous actions as though they never happened. Unfortunately, the Undo feature in Access isn’t nearly as powerful as it is in other Microsoft Office programs. Because Access saves updates to data automatically, if you make a mistake and don’t catch it right away, chances are you won’t be able to use Undo to correct it.

Access also can’t undo many actions. For example, if you delete a record and then decide you want to use Undo to retrieve the record, you’re out of luck.

Undo an Action

  1. Click the Undo button.

    You can also undo an action by pressing Ctrl + Z.

    Use Undo and Redo

Your last action is undone. For example, if you had deleted text in a field and then decided you wanted to keep it after all, undo would make it reappear (as long as you hadn’t already clicked out of the field).

Redo an Action

Redo is the opposite of undo: it redoes an action you have undone.

  1. Click the Redo button.

    You can also redo an action by pressing Ctrl + Y.

    Use Undo and Redo

Access redoes the last command that you undid.