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Format Text Fields

How to Format Text Fields in Access

Format Text Fields

You can change how a text field displays its information by modifying its number property. Unfortunately, unlike number fields, text fields don’t have any ready-made settings and must be formatted manually.

  1. In Design View, click the field you want to format.
  2. Click the Format box.
  3. Enter the appropriate text formatting symbols.
    Format Text Fields

The Format property only changes how data is displayed on screen, not how the data is actually stored in the field.

General and Text Formatting Symbols
Character Description Text Format Display
! Aligns text from the right Hello ! Hello
< Lowercase Hello < hello
> Uppercase Hello > HELLO
"ABC" Always display quoted text 4 & “oz.” 4 oz.
@ Character is required 5558000 @@@-@@@@ 555-8000
* Fill available space with next character Alert &*! Alert!!!!!!!!
[color] Displays value in color Hello [red] Hello