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Display Top or Bottom Values

How to Display Top or Bottom Values in Access

Display Top or Bottom Values

If all you care about is the highest or lowest values in a query, you can display only these records. For example, you could display the ten largest or smallest orders in the Invoices table. If you're working with dates, you can display the most recent or oldest results.

  1. In Design View, select the fields that you want to see in your query.
  2. Click the appropriate Sort field.

    The Sort row works a little differently when you're using Top or Bottom values:

    • Ascending: Displays the bottom values.
    • Descending: Displays the top values.
  3. Click the Sort list arrow, and select either Ascending or Descending.
  4. Click the Return list arrow on the ribbon and select an option.
  5. Save and run your query.
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Access displays the results of the query.