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Database Object Dependencies

How to Database Object Dependencies in Access

Database Object Dependencies

Databases can often be complicated and interconnected. For example, a form might be based on a query, which in turn is based on a table. So, how do you keep track of all these interconnected database objects? By viewing object dependencies.

  1. Click a database object in the Navigation Pane.
  2. Click the Database Tools tab.
  3. Click the Object Dependencies button.

    The Object Dependencies pane appears. Here, Access displays the objects that are dependent on the database object you selected.

    You may need to click OK to update dependency information or to turn on the Track name AutoCorrect info option before the pane will appear.

    There are two ways to view dependencies:

    • Objects that depend on me: Displays objects that use the selected object.
    • Objects that I depend on: Displays objects that the selected object uses.

  4. Click the expand tab button next to an object in the pane to see that object's dependencies.
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Access displays the objects that are dependent on the selected database object.