Create a Value List

A value list is like a lookup list because it displays a list of values in a drop-down list, except its list displays a list of options that you manually enter. A value list is useful if you enter the same data in a field again and again. For example, if you ship a product using three different courier services, you could create a value list that displays the three courier services, such as AirBorne, FedEx, and UPS.

Although it’s possible to change the options displayed in a value list, doing so is a rather cumbersome process. For that reason, you should only use value lists for values that will not change very often. If you want to display a lot of options, such as a list of state abbreviations, or values that may change frequently, you should create a table to store those values and then display them with a lookup list instead. It’s a lot easier to change values in a table than it is to change options in a value list

Create a Value List

  1. In Design View, click the Data Type box for the field you want to create a value list for.
  2. Click the Data Type list arrow, and select Lookup Wizard.
  3. Select the I will type in the values that I want option and click Next.
  4. In Col1, enter the values you want to be displayed in the value list.

    There is only one column of values by default, but you can add more. If you do so, an extra screen will appear after you click Next, asking you which of the column contains the values you actually want to store in the database (the other columns will just be displayed to give you more information about which value to select).

  5. Click Finish.
    Create a Value List

Here you can select to Allow Multiple Values. If you check this box, Access will allow you to select multiple values from your list and store them in a single field.

Use a Data List

  1. Select the field with the data list you want to use.
  2. Click the list arrow and select an option.
    Create a Value List

Access adds the option you selected to the field.

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