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Create a Report

How to Create a Report in Access

Create a Report

You can create a report either by using the Report Wizard, if you want to use more than one table, or the Report button, if you already have a table or query open.

  1. Select the table or query you want to base the report on.
  2. Click the Create tab on the ribbon.
  3. Click the Report button.

    You can also select either the Blank Report button (to create and display the report in Layout View) or the Report Design button (to create and display a blank report in Design View).

    Create a Report

    A report is instantly created based on the active table or query, and appears in Layout View.

  4. Click the Save button.
  5. Give the report a name and click OK.
    Create a Report

The report is saved and appears in the Navigation Pane.

There are several ways to create reports in Access, they're listed in this table.

Report Buttons on the Home tab
Report Creates a basic report of the data in the current table or query. You can then add features, such as groups and totals.
Report Design Creates a new blank report in Design view, where you can make more advanced changes to the report.
Blank Report Creates a blank report with no fields or formatting.
Report Wizard Shows the Report Wizard that helps you create simple, customizable reports.
Labels Shows the Label Wizard to create standard or custom labels.