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Sort Records

How to Sort Records in Access

Sort Records

Access can sort records alphabetically, numerically, or chronologically, in ascending or descending order.

Sort Records

  1. Open the table you want to sort and click anywhere in the column (field) you want to use to sort by.
  2. Click either the Ascending or Descending button.
    Sort Records

The table is sorted. See the table below for examples of the different sort types.

You can also sort records by right-clicking in the field you want to sort by and selecting a sort option.

If you frequently sort a table the same way, you should consider creating and using a query that automatically sorts the table data for you. A query that sorts a table alphabetically by name would be a good example of such a query.

Sort Examples
Ascending A, B, C 1, 2, 3 01/01/2020, 01/15/2020, 02/01/2020
Descending C, B, A 3, 2, 1 02/01/2020, 01/15/2020, 01/01/2020

Remove a Sort

  1. Click the Remove Sort button.
    Sort Records

All sorts are removed and the data is displayed in its original order.