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Tour of Forms

How to Add a Record in Access

Tour of Forms

Forms make it easy to view and work with the information in tables and queries. Forms can include fill-in-the-blank fields, check boxes, drop-down lists, buttons, and more.

There are a few different kinds of forms in Access:

  • Form: A traditional form view. In Layout view, you can edit the form design while also displaying data.
  • Split form: Creates a split screen that allows you to view information through a Form view and Datasheet view at the same time. You can use the Datasheet view to locate a record and the Form view to edit it.
  • Multiple items form: Allows you to view multiple records at a time—unlike a regular form where you can only work with one record at a time. It looks much like a datasheet, but allows for more customization.
  • Other forms types: You may also come across forms that look like datasheets, or Modal Dialog forms that pop out in their own dialog box windows (instead of appearing as tabbed items next to the other database objects in the main database window).

Open a Form

  1. Double-click the form you want to open in the Navigation Pane.
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The form opens in the window in Form view.

Navigate a Form

  1. Use the record navigation buttons near the bottom of the screen to move to the first, last, next, or previous records.
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Add a Record

  1. Click the New Record button on the Record Navigation bar.

    A blank form appears, ready to accept your information.

  2. Complete the form fields.

    When you’re finished typing information into a form, press the Tab key to move on to the next field.

  3. When you’ve finished entering the record, you can close the form. Click the New Record button to create another record, or use the Record Navigation buttons to view another record.
    Tour of Forms

A simple form may contain only fill-in-the-blank style text fields, but many forms are more complex and may contain lists, combo boxes, check boxes, and sub-forms.