Customizable Courses

Ready-to-use training on the most impactful topics.

CustomGuide includes hundreds of ready-to-use courses on the most impactful and in-demand topics. Each course provides:

  • Full customization; add your own edits, content & logo.
  • Interactive and engaging content.
  • Skill Assessments to evaluate proficiency.
  • SCORM compliance for effortless integration into your LMS.

Learn By Doing

All courses are interactive and engaing. Experience real-world simulations, engage in interactive soft skill challenges, and measure learning and growth with accurate skill assessments.

Master Skills,
Not Just Courses

Motivate learners by showcasing their journey from novice to expert with evident learning outcomes.

Our customizable courses:

  1. Evaluate over 3,000 job skills.
  2. Verify learning.
  3. Measure improvement.
Before and after training result

Learners see an average 44% Improvement to their skills after taking CustomGuide courses.

Instead of Certificates of Completion; CustomGuide awards Verified Skills Certificates, reflecting genuine skill proficiency.

Verified skills certificate

Versatile Learning Modes

CustomGuide's exclusive Learning Modes let you use the same course content with distinct, versatile approaches.

  • Verified Learning: Ensures learners have mastered a skill or lesson — our default setting.
  • Skills Assessment: Tests existing knowledge & pinpoints deficiencies.
  • Skill Gaps: Learners skip topics they already know & focus the topics they don't, maximizing training efficiency.
  • Practice Test: Assessments limitless attempts, ideal for preparation like the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam.
  • Lessons Only: A more traditional but less powerful approach to learning.
Learning modes

Evident Learning Outcomes

While most platforms only track course completion, CustomGuide goes deeper and showcases tangible skill development and improvement.

Learning outcomes

Seamless Integration with SCORM

Integrate with ease. Whether you're using our read-to-go content or adding your custom courses, SCORM compatibility ensures smooth integration. Learn on our platform or yours; the choice is yours, the experience is seamless.

Compare CustomGuide with Other Courses

CustomGuide offers the most engaging, versatile, and comprehensive courses on the market. Here's how we measure up against other course providers.

CustomGuide logo Other Courses
Customizable Content Yes No
Lesson Format Interactive Tutorials Passive Videos
Skill Assessments Yes No
Verified Learning Yes No
Learning Modes Yes No
Learning Outcome &
Clear Improvement &
Skills Verification
Course Completion
SCORM Compliant Yes No