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Share Files

How to Use Shared Libraries in OneDrive

Share Files

When you're collaborating on multiple files with a team, use shared libraries to keep everything in one central location. A shared library includes other features, such as a group calendar, task list, and discussion board.

View a Shared Library’s Files

  1. If necessary, expand the Navigation Pane.

    Below your files and locations, underneath the name of your organization, and all of the shared libraries that you’re a part of will appear.

  2. Select a shared library.
    Shared Libraries

That shared library opens, displaying its files.

Create a Shared Library

You can also create a new shared library.

  1. Expand the Navigation Pane.
  2. Click Create new below the shared libraries.
    Shared Libraries

    A new window appears where you can begin setting up the shared library site.

  3. Click in the Site name field and type a name.

    Each shared library needs to have a unique name, so it’s checked as you type.

    If the name is available, you’re ready to move on.

    Shared Libraries
  4. Click in the Site description field and type a description.
  5. (Optional) Select a privacy option.
    • Public: This is the default option in which everyone in the organization can see what's in the folder. However, members of the shared library can make edits.
    • Private: By setting the privacy level to private, only members of the shared library can see the folder.
    Shared Libraries
  6. Click Next.

    Now it’s time to add additional group owners and members.

    Invite owners and members by entering their email addresses.

    Owners of a group have special permissions to edit a group’s settings, as well as invite and remove members of private groups.

  7. Click Finish.
  8. Shared Libraries

The new shared library is created and now serves as a central repository for group members to hold conversations and store files.