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Skype for Business

Learn by doing—not watching—with interactive simulations.

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Course Includes

  • Custom-branding Certificate of Achievement
  • Custom-branding Interactive Tutorials
  • Custom-branding Skills Assessments

What you'll learn:

  • Chat with your colleagues, one-on-one or an entire team.
  • Join and collaborate in voice and video meetings
  • Share your screen with others.
  • Change your online status.

Try sample lessons in the course outline shown below!

Proven Learning Method

Learning Method Diagram
Skill Assess Learn Verify Improvement

Skype for Business

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Getting Started demo

Sign In and Out

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Understand the Screen

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Change your Presence

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Update Your Status

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Set Your Location

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Conversation History

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Customize Skype for Business lock Subscribe to unlock

General Settings

Personal Settings

Contacts List

Status Preferences

Add a Picture

Update Phone Numbers

Alert Settings

IM Settings

Ringtones and Sounds

Default Save Location

Contacts lock Subscribe to unlock

Contact Views

Search, Add, and Remove Contacts

Create Groups

Change Contact Relationships

Email a Contact

Instant Messages lock Subscribe to unlock

Send an IM

Respond to an IM

Tabbed Conversations

Multiple Contact IM

IM from Office

Audio and Video

Send a File

Calls lock Subscribe to unlock

Set Default Devices

Place Calls

Receive Calls

Invite Additional Contacts

Transfer Calls

Voice Mail Greeting

Send a Call to Voice Mail

Check Messages

Call Forwarding

Set up a Camera

Place Video Calls

Receive Video Calls

Meetings lock Subscribe to unlock

Schedule Meetings

Join a Meeting

Impromptu Meetings

Change Views

Meeting Options

Record Meetings

Collaboration Tools lock Subscribe to unlock

Share the Desktop

Share a Program

Share a Presentation

Share a Whiteboard


Q and A

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