The Importance of Interactive Corporate Learning


How do you think LeBron James became an NBA superstar? Obviously, he was born with an immense amount of talent (and height). But how did he learn the game? Did he simply watch basketball on television and then one day step onto a court and slam-dunk his first attempt? Of course not. He learned to play basketball by actually playing the game, not watching. He learned by doing.

That same principle can be used to turn your staff into an all-star winning team. When people actually perform tasks during a training session, they are more likely to remember how to do those tasks than if they had simply watched a video and taken a few notes. They are more apt to retain the knowledge.

There is no shortage of video-on-demand training available across the Internet today. While an HR department can certainly encourage its employees to take advantage of all the online education resources available to them, a better approach would be to develop an in-house, company-branded holistic training program that includes interactive sessions. This type of plan not only increases the quality and focus of the training, but it also builds a stronger bond between the company and its employees.

Group training sessions with interactive learning can turn into team building outings. Adding an element of fun and even competition among co-workers can further enhance the learning experience and increase knowledge retention.

So consider having your employees learn by doing, not by watching. Because the company that learns together, earns together.

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