Creating a New Document in a Library

If you need to create a new document from scratch, you can do so from right within SharePoint. The document can then be opened and edited by other team members.

Screen 1
  1. Click the Files tab .

  2. Click the New Document list arrow .

    Tip: Each document library has a different default document type, so the type of file you see in the menu will vary.

  3. Click Document .

Screen 2
  1. Compose the document.

    Tip: Depending on how your library is set up, you may notice some content fields for required information at the top.

  2. Click the File tab .

Screen 3
  1. Select Save .

  2. Click Shared Documents .

    Tip: Because the document originated in SharePoint, that location automatically appears under Current Folder.

Screen 4
  1. Name the file and click Save .

Screen 5
  1. Navigate back to SharePoint and click the library in the Quick Launch bar or refresh the page to update the files.

    The new document now appears in the library.

    Tip: When a new document is added to a library, a green star appears to the right of the file name.