Online Learning: A Helpdesk at Your Fingertips

changeI recently moved into a new place that is much bigger then my previous home. Things are in different places, it smells different, and I have forgotten where I’ve placed important things, including the textbook I need this week for class. The new place is in the same living complex, and the general “feel” is the same, but I’m still having a hard time adjusting to everything that’s new. Everything is the same, and yet it’s not.This is the same feeling I experienced last month when I switched from Microsoft Office 2003 to 2010. I consider myself a pretty knowledgeable person in computer applications, having grown up using them. However, switching from things like a toolbar to a ribbon has taken a longer time to figure out than I expected. Everything is the same, and yet it’s not.At first I found the changes frustrating, but then I remembered that I have access to our company’s online learning. When I need to find out how to add a header to a research paper, how to create different visuals in a PowerPoint presentation, and a reminder on how to set Outlook signatures, I simply log into my online learning account and use the search tool to quickly and easily find what I was looking for. I find myself using this resource for computer questions regularly. It’s like I have a help desk right at my fingertips; it’s my Google for computer stuff. It has made adjusting to the change so much easier.Now if only I could use our online learning to search for my lost textbook…Teresa Moody is our friendly customer support/billing/office admin at CustomGuide.