Salesforce Training

Salesforce Training

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Course Description

Stay in touch with your customers using the most popular CRM on the planet. Our Customguide Salesforce course contains step by step instructions covering topics ranging from working with Opportunities, Views, Reports, Dashboards, Chatter and much, much more.

Lessons: 50

  • Getting Started
  • SalesForce Fundamentals
  • Understand SalesForce
  • Tabs and Apps
  • Work with Views
  • View and Edit a Record
  • Add Notes and Files
  • Find Records
  • Delete and Restore a Record
  • Work with Tasks
  • Work with the Calendar
  • Profile Settings and Password
  • Get Help
  • SalesForce for Sales Reps
  • Create a Lead
  • Convert a Lead
  • Create Accounts and Contacts
  • Log Activities
  • Send an Email
  • Create an Opportunity
  • Create a Quote
  • Clone and Close an Opportunity
  • Forecast Opportunities
  • Transfer and Share a Record
  • Views and Reports
  • Create a View
  • Edit and Delete a View
  • Work with a Report
  • Create a Tabular Report
  • Edit and Delete a Report
  • Report Filters
  • Advanced Report Filters
  • Create a Summary Report
  • Create a Matrix Report
  • Work with Charts
  • Schedule a Report
  • Subscribe to a Report
  • Report Folders
  • Dashboards
  • Work with a Dashboard
  • Edit a Dashboard
  • Create a Dashboard
  • Clone and Delete a Dashboard
  • Filter a Dashboard
  • Schedule a Dashboard
  • Set Up a Dynamic Dashboard
  • Collaborate with Chatter
  • Understand Chatter
  • Post to Chatter
  • Follow in Chatter
  • Mentions and Topics
  • Chatter Email Notifications
  • Record Management
  • Duplicate Leads and Contacts
  • Merge Accounts
  • Mass Transfer Records
  • Import Leads

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