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Course Outline

Office 2010 Overview

Microsoft Office 2010 is designed to engage all the ways you use technology today in your Office programs. It has added new features that improve and enhance your documents, making it easier to create impressive documents.
  1. Office 2010: What’s New Overview
  2. Understanding the Ribbon
  3. Using the File Tab and Backstage View
  4. Customizing the Ribbon
  5. Controlling How Content is Moved or Copied
  6. Translating Text
  7. Previewing and Printing a Document
  8. Changing a Program’s Default Options

New Features for Graphics and Images

Images and graphics are a great way to emphasize your ideas. In Office 2010 working with images and graphics has been significantly simplified. This course covers the new graphic tools available in Office 2010.
  1. Inserting Screenshots
  2. Removing Backgrounds from Pictures and Graphics
  3. Altering the Look of Pictures and Graphics
  4. Inserting Equations

New Features in Excel 2010

Excel 2010 received a couple of new features to improve the speed and performance. In addition there have been improvements to charts, pivot tables, and general functions. This chapter highlights Excel’s new features in Office 2010.
  1. What’s New in Excel 2010
  2. Applying Conditional Formatting
  3. Using Sparklines
  4. Using Slicers
  5. Sharing Slicers Between PivotTables

New Features in Outlook 2010

Outlook has received another huge facelift in Office 2010. Quite a few new features have been added, and a lot of new functionality has been added to existing features. Learn about all the new offerings of Outlook 2010.
  1. What’s New in Outlook 2010
  2. Using the To-Do Bar
  3. Viewing Conversations
  4. Managing Conversations
  5. Using Quick Steps
  6. Viewing Calendars Side-by-Side or Overlaid
  7. Managing Quick Steps
  8. Using Schedule View
  9. Working with Calendar Groups
  10. Refining a Search
  11. Using Advanced Find
  12. Using the People Pane
  13. Using Mailbox Cleanup
  14. Connecting to Social Networks

New Features in PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint a few upgrade in Office 2010. Improvements have been made to transitions and animations. Not to mention new video and audio features have been added. Check out how you can use the improvements to make your presentations even more impactful.
  1. Organizing a Presentation
  2. What’s New in PowerPoint 2010
  3. Applying a Transition Effect
  4. Applying Animation Effects
  5. Modifying Animation Effects
  6. Copying Animation Effects
  7. Inserting Video from a File
  8. Inserting Video from the Web
  9. Editing Media Playback
  10. Inserting and Using Bookmarks
  11. Compressing Media
  12. Using the Pen and Making Annotations
  13. Broadcasting a Presentation
  14. Saving Presentations as Videos
  15. Comparing and Merging Presentations

New Features in Word 2010

Previous users of Word will find Word 2010 somewhat familiar. The have been improvements made to text effects, typography, and there is a new Navigation Pane. For the most part Word is the same, but this course will cover what changes to expect in Word 2010.
  1. What’s New in Word 2010
  2. Finding Text
  3. Navigating and Browsing Documents
  4. Changing Font Styles and Effects
  5. Applying Character Spacing and Ligatures
  6. Inserting WordArt
  7. Editing WordArt
  8. Creating AutoText
  9. Formatting WordArt