Lotus Notes 8 Training

Lotus Notes 8 Training

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Lotus Notes 8 Courses

The Fudamentals

Lotus Notes is mainly used as an end-user e-mail client, but it's also used as a calendar, address book, instant messaging client, and Web browswer. In this Lotus Notes 8 Training course you will learn the basic information you need to begin working with Lotus Notes 8, us as how to navigate the new user interface and become comfortable with its many features.

Starting Lotus Notes 8
Understanding the Program Screen
Setting Up the Home Page
Opening an Application
Using Menus and Toolbars
Working with Window Tabs
Using the Action Bar
Working with Bookmarks
Working with the Sidebar
Using the Preview Pane
Using Keyboard Commands
Using the Search Center
Getting Help
Notes Preferences
Exiting Lotus Notes 8

Mail Management

Sending and receiving e-mail messages is one of the main reasons people use Lotus Notes. This Lotus Notes 8 Training course explains everything you need to know about e-mail: how to compose, send, and receive e-mail messages, how to reply to and forward emails, and how to attach one or more files to an email message.

Viewing Mail
Composing and Sending a Mail Message
Setting Delivery Options for a Message
Replying to and Forwarding a Message
Deleting a Message
Flagging a Message for Follow-Up
Working with Attachments
Creating and Inserting a Signature
Creating and Using Folders
Sorting Messages
Finding a Mail Message
Color-coding Messages
Saving Unfinished Messages (Drafts)
Recalling a Message
Setting up Out-of-Office Notifications
Managing Junk Mial
Working with Rules
Mail Preferences
Printing a Message

Working with Contacts

People used to keep track of their contacts in a Rolodex. In this Lotus Notes 8 Training course you will learn how to keep track of names, addresses, phone numbers, and other information regarding your important contacts. With Lotus Notes 8 Training you can instantly find, email or print contact information.

Viewing Contacts
Creating a Contact
Creating a Contact Group
Working with Contacts
Finding and Sorting Contacts
Contact Preferences
Printing Contacts

Working with the Calendar

The calendar in Lotus Notes lets you keep track of appointments, such as a visit to the dentist or a vacation. It's easy to add or reschedule an appointment or event in the Calendar, you can display it in a variety of different views. This Lotus Notes 8 Training course you'll learn how to create and reschedule appointments and events, how to add a reminder to your appointments, and how to view your schedule using the various calendar views.

Viewing the Calendar
Navigating the Calendar
Creating a New Calendar Entry
Creating a Recurring Calendar Entry
Editing a Calendar Entry
Scheduling a Meeting
Editing a Meeting Invitation
Scheduling an Event Announcement
Adding Holidays to the Calendar
Setting Your Free Time Schedule
Working with Group Calendars
Calendar Preferences
Printing the Calendar

Working with the To Do List

Even if you're an organized person, you've probably scawled a to-do list on a piece of paper to help you remember everything that you have to do. The To Do List application in Lotus Notes is simular, but there are nifty features that a piece of paper just can't top. In this Lotus Notes 8 Training course you'll learn skills like how to create a to-do item, view the To Do List in different ways, and mark a to-do item as complete.

Viewing the To Do List
Collaborating with Others
Working with To Do Items
To Do Preferences
Printing the To Do List

Other Topics

The deeper you dig into Lotus Notes the more features you'll find. This Lotus Notes 8 Training course discusses about browsing the Web from inside Lotus Notes, subscribting to an RSS feed, and using Lotus Notes offline.

Opening a Web Page
Working with RSS Feeds
Using Lotus Notes Offline