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Multiple Devices

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Course Outline

The Fundamentals

  1. Starting Lotus Notes 8
  2. Understanding the Program Screen
  3. Setting Up the Home Page
  4. Opening an Application
  5. Using Menus and Toolbars
  6. Working with Window Tabs
  7. Using the Action Bar
  8. Working with Bookmarks
  9. Working with the Sidebar
  10. Using the Preview Pane
  11. Using Keyboard Commands
  12. Using the Search Center
  13. Getting Help
  14. Notes Preferences
  15. Exiting Lotus Notes 8

Mail Management

  1. Viewing Mail
  2. Composing and Sending a Mail Message
  3. Setting Delivery Options for a Message
  4. Replying to and Forwarding a Message
  5. Deleting a Message
  6. Flagging a Message for Follow-Up
  7. Working with Attachments
  8. Creating and Inserting a Signature
  9. Creating and Using Folders
  10. Sorting Messages
  11. Finding a Mail Message
  12. Color-coding Messages
  13. Saving Unfinished Messages (Drafts)
  14. Recalling a Message
  15. Setting up Out-of-Office Notifications
  16. Managing Junk Mail
  17. Working with Rules
  18. Mail Preferences
  19. Printing a Message

Working with Contacts

  1. Viewing Contacts
  2. Creating a Contact
  3. Creating a Contact Group
  4. Working with Contacts
  5. Finding and Sorting Contacts
  6. Contact Preferences
  7. Printing Contacts

Working with the Calendar

  1. Viewing the Calendar
  2. Navigating the Calendar
  3. Creating a New Calendar Entry
  4. Creating a Recurring Calendar Entry
  5. Editing a Calendar Entry
  6. Scheduling a Meeting
  7. Editing a Meeting Invitation
  8. Scheduling an Event Announcement
  9. Adding Holidays to the Calendar
  10. Setting Your Free Time Schedule
  11. Working with Group Calendars
  12. Calendar Preferences
  13. Printing the Calendar

Working with the To Do List

  1. Viewing the To Do List
  2. Collaborating with Others
  3. Working with To Do Items
  4. To Do Preferences
  5. Printing the To Do List

Other Topics

  1. Opening a Web Page
  2. Working with RSS Feeds
  3. Using Lotus Notes Offline