Access 2013 Training

Access 2013 Training

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Course Description

Accurate data is essential in a successful business. CustomGuide’s Microsoft Access 2013 course shows how to manage, create, and analyze effective databases. It starts with Access fundamentals and moves on to topics like filters, queries, forms, and reports.

Lessons: 101

  • Course Outline
  • The Fundamentals
  • Understand the Screen
  • Open and Save a Database
  • Work with Database Objects
  • Tour of Tables
  • Tour of Queries
  • Tour of Forms
  • Tour of Reports
  • Help
  • Close and Exit Access
  • Creating and Working with a Database
  • Plan a Database
  • Create a Database
  • Add, Edit, and Delete Records
  • Select Data
  • Cut, Copy, and Paste Data
  • Use Undo and Redo
  • Check Spelling
  • Use the Zoom Box
  • Preview and Print
  • Finding, Filtering, and Formatting Data
  • Find and Replace Data
  • Sort Records
  • Use Common Filters
  • Filter by Selection
  • Filter by Form
  • Create an Advanced Filter
  • Adjust Rows and Columns
  • Change Gridlines and Cell Effects
  • Freeze a Column
  • Hide a Column
  • Working with Tables
  • Create a Table
  • Understand Field Types and Properties
  • Index a Field
  • Add a Primary Key
  • Insert, Reorder, and Delete Fields
  • Add Field Descriptions and Captions
  • Change the Field Size
  • Format Number, Currency, and Date/Time Fields
  • Format Text Fields
  • Set a Default Value
  • Require Data Entry
  • Validate Data
  • Create an Input Mask
  • Create a Lookup Field
  • Create a Value List
  • Modify a Lookup List
  • Creating Relational Databases
  • Table Relationships and Relationship Types
  • Create Relationships Between Tables
  • Enforce Referential Integrity
  • Print and Delete Relationships
  • Working with Queries
  • Create a Query
  • Sort a Query
  • Use AND and OR operators in a Query
  • Create a Multiple Table Query
  • Create a Calculated Field
  • Work with Expressions and the Expression Builder
  • Use an IIF Function
  • Summarize Groups of Records
  • Display Top or Bottom Values
  • Parameter Queries
  • Find Duplicate Records
  • Find Unmatched Records
  • Crosstab Queries
  • Delete Queries
  • Append Queries
  • Make-Table Queries
  • Update Queries
  • Working with Forms
  • Create a Form with the Form Wizard
  • Create and Use a Form
  • Modify a Form in Layout View
  • Form Design View Basics
  • Change the Tab Order
  • Work with Control Properties
  • Work with Form Properties
  • Change a Control’s Data Source
  • Create a Calculated Control
  • Change a Control’s Default Value
  • Create a Subform
  • Work with and Modify Subforms
  • Working with Reports
  • Create a Report
  • Use the Report Wizard
  • Use the Label Wizard
  • Work in Layout View
  • Format Fonts
  • Copy Formatting
  • Change Text Alignment
  • Insert a Logo
  • Adjust Page Margin and Orientation
  • Add Page Numbers and Dates
  • Group and Sort
  • Summarize Data using Totals
  • Understand Report Sections
  • Advanced Topics
  • Use Conditional Formatting
  • Work with Number Formatting
  • Use Themes
  • Import Information
  • Export Information
  • Link External Information
  • Mail Merge Records to Word
  • Use Hyperlink Fields
  • Database Object Dependencies
  • Compact and Repair a Database
  • Convert an Access Database

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