Master Uploading and Downloading Files in 2 Minutes

Google Apps

When working online with Google Drive, you're not stuck with just the files you create in the cloud! In this week's lesson, learn how to upload and convert files to your Google Drive, as well as how to download your files from the cloud.

Uploading and Downloading Files

In addition to creating files in Google Drive, you can upload files that you already have to share and collaborate on.

Upload a File

  1. Click the New button.

  2. Select File upload.

    A dialog box appears, where you can select a file to upload.

    Google Drive will be able to convert and edit most types of office documents, such as Word files and Excel spreadsheets.

  1. Select a file you want to upload.

  2. Click Open.

    The file is uploaded, and appears in this folder alongside the existing files.

Preview and Open an Uploaded File

Once a file is uploaded, you can preview and open it directly from your Google Drive.

  1. Double-click an uploaded file.

    The file appears in a preview screen.

    While previewing a file, you can choose to download it, print it, or share it with others.

    You can also open the file right in Google Drive.

  1. Click Open.

    A copy of the file is made in a Google apps format, and then opened in the respective app.

  2. Click your browser tab’s Close button to close the file.

Download a File

You can download files from your Google drive, whether they’re uploaded files or native Google apps files.

Google apps files will be automatically converted into another file type when they’re downloaded—a Google Docs file will be converted to a Word file, a Google Sheets file will be converted to an Excel spreadsheet, and a Google Slides presentation will be converted to a PowerPoint file.

  1. Select the file you want to download.

  2. Click the More Actions button.

  3. Select Download.

    The file is converted, and saved to your Downloads folder.