Master Recording Content in 2 Minutes

OneNote 2013

The Microsoft OneNote recording feature allows you to capture meeting clips and embed them right within a notebook. This makes referencing past meeting information a snap! Have a microphone? Then you're all set! Take a peek at this week's tutorial to see just how easy it is to put this tool to work for you.

Record Content

If you have a presentation to attend and want to capture everything the speaker says, use an audio or video recording.

  1. Select the page where you want to add the recording.

  2. Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon.

  3. Select an option in the Recording group:

    • Record Audio
    • Record Video

    The Recording tab appears on the Ribbon, and you can see that you are now recording.

    Tip: You can also type your own notes directly underneath the recording. These notes are time-coded to coordinate with your recording.

  1. When you’re finished recording, click the Stop button in the Playback group.

    Use the other controls in the Playback group when you want to listen to the recording.