Master Microsoft Edge in 3 minutes

Windows 10

Welcome to Microsoft Edge — built to be the latest and greatest way to surf the web! Edge has made huge strides to make it easier than ever to find the content you are looking for. In this week's lesson, we'll take a look at newly added features that make it easier to save, read and share web pages.

Microsoft Edge

Windows 10 includes a new web browser, called Edge. Compared to Internet Explorer, Edge is faster, more secure, and more compliant with common web standards.

Edge replaces Internet Explorer as the first app that’s automatically pinned to the taskbar.

Open Edge

Screen 1
  1. Click the Edge Icon on the taskbar.

    Edge opens to its own start screen, which includes news headlines and weather for your location.

    The single text field near the top is where you can search for something or enter a website address directly.

View Favorites

Screen 2
  1. Click the Hub button .

  2. Click the favorites tab.

    Your favorites appear on the first tab of this menu, so you can quickly just click one here.

  3. Click the favorite site you want to open.

Add a Webpage Favorites

It’s easy to add sites to your Favorites:

Screen 3
  1. Go to the site you want to add.

  2. Click the Star button .

  3. Specify a name and location for the webpage.

  4. Click Add .

    The webpage is added to your favorites.

Use Reading Mode

Edge also introduces a distraction-free reading mode, that takes an article and displays only the relevant text. Here’s how to use it:

Screen 4
  1. Open a web page.

  2. Click the Reading Mode button to turn on Reading Mode.

    Now there are no headers, sidebars, ads, or anything else to distract you from the article, just the text in a larger, easier-to-read font.

  3. Click the Reading Mode button again to turn off Reading Mode.

Add a Webpage to the Reading List

Edge also includes a Reading List that you can use to save an article for later.

Screen 5
  1. Go to the site you want to add.

  2. Click the star button .

  3. Click the Reading list tab .

  4. Click Add .

Now you can come back to the article later.

Currently you need to be online to view the reading list, but Microsoft promises to make offline reading available a feature in a future update.

To View the Reading List

Screen 6
  1. Click the Hub button .

  2. Click the Reading list tab .

    Everything we’ve added to our reading list shows up here. Just click a saved article to load it.

  3. Select the article you want to read.

Remove a Favorite or Reading List Article

Screen 7

It’s easy to remove favorites and reading list articles:

  1. Click the Hub button .

  2. Click one of the following:

    • Star tab: To delete a favorite.
    • Reading list tab : To delete a reading list article.
  3. Right click the favorite or article and select Delete .

Create a Web Note

Edge has another feature that separates it from Internet Explorer—the ability to mark up a page as a web note and share it.

Screen 8
  1. Click the Make a Web Note button .

  2. Use the drawing tools in the toolbar to markup the page.

  3. When you’re done writing on the page click Save .

  4. Specify where you want to save your notes:

    • OneNote
    • Favorites
    • Reading list
  5. Click Send .

    Your notes are saved for later.

Here are the drawing tools available to you and what they do:

Note ToolDescription
Draw on the page.
Highlight text on the page.
Erase markup.
Add typed note
Add a typed note on the page.
Copy a portion of the page.