Master Distribute and Align in 2 minutes

Word 2016

The way you distribute and align the objects in your Word documents determines if the final result looks clean and polished. In this week's lesson, we'll check out how to use these features to perfectly position objects on the page - leaving you with a professional-looking document that's sure to impress!

Distribute and Align Objects

Documents that have pictures and graphics scattered randomly about look terrible. You can use the Align and Distribute features to organize the objects in your document. The Align command aligns objects relative to one another. The Distribute command spaces objects evenly.

  1. Select one or more objects.

  2. Click the Format tab.

  3. Expand the Arrange group.

  4. Click the Align list arrow.

  5. Select an alignment or distribution option.

    Tip: Word aligns selected objects relative to each other by default (Align Selected Objects is selected in the Align menu). To align objects to the Page, select Align to Page before making an alignment change. To align objects to the margin, select Align to Margin.