Master Animation Effects in 2 Minutes

PowerPoint 2016

Animations in PowerPoint 2016, when used properly, can really help to emphasize a slide's point. In this week's lesson, learn how to apply and customize animation effects onto your presentation's shapes and graphics.

Animation Effects

An animation effect is a preset visual effect that can be applied to text or objects on a slide.

Apply an Animation Effect

  1. Select the object you want to add an animation to.

  2. Click the Animations tab on the Ribbon.

  3. Click the Add Animation button in the Animation group.

    Tip: You can add multiple animations to a single object.

  4. Select the animation you want to use.

    A number appears in an orange box next to the object to indicate an animation is attached to this object.

    Tip: If you change your mind about which animation you’d like to use, just click Animation Styles and select a different option.

  1. (Optional) Click Preview to see the new animation.

    Tip: To remove an animation, select the animation you want to remove, click the Animation Styles button, and select None.

Types of Animation Effects
Entrance EffectsChange the way objects are first displayed in the slide show.
Emphasis EffectsMake objects stand out from the others.
Exit EffectsCause objects to disappear from the slide show.
Motion PathsCause objects to move around the slide according to a specific path.

Customize an Animation

  1. Click the Effect Options button on the Animation tab.

    Tip: The effect options available will change based on the animation you’re using.

  2. Select an animation effect option.

    Tip: To view more advanced options, click the animation’s list arrow in the Animation pane and select Effect Options.

Trigger an Animation

  1. Click the Trigger button in the Advanced Animation group on the Animations tab.

  2. Select the trigger you’d like to use.

    • On Click Of:
      Starts the animation effect when you click the specified object.
    • On Bookmark:
      Starts the animation effect when a video or audio clip hits a specific bookmark.