Back to School! Get Your Staff Excited About Learning

It’s that time of the year. Kids dread it. Parents live for it. Yes, it’s back to school season. Fall is in the air, classes are back in session, and it’s time for a new year of learning.

It’s also a great time to roll out a corporate training and education program for your staff. Why not capitalize on all the back to school buzz and get your employees excited about learning something new or brushing up on their office skills?

Consider hosting a series of “Microsoft Core Four” classes to enhance staff knowledge of the Microsoft Office programs used daily: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Or, get your team to fully “buy-in” to using Microsoft SharePoint as a collaboration tool. Perhaps you are about to upgrade to a new version of a software program. Tis the season to capture employees’ attention when it comes to learning.

Whatever idea you come up with for your “Fall Semester,” make it interactive and make it fun! Give out backpacks with your company logo or motto. Create back-to-school “goodie bags” stocked with #2 pencils, notebooks, and healthy snacks. Given the fact that most of your employees have probably just sent their children back to school, they will appreciate the idea and the humor behind getting fun school supplies for themselves.

Just remember, having an ongoing training and development program is one of the best ways to improve employee morale, improve overall efficiency and improve your company’s bottom line.

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